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Thai D Built UVC device to fight Covid-19

Southern Illinois business owners build their own UVC device to sterilize restaurant

MARION, IL -- One local southern Illinois business is going above and beyond to protect their customers from COVID-19. The owners of Thai-D in Marion, Illinois, Settha and Thanet Natisri, built their own UVC device to help sterilize the air.

"We want to serve the community. We want to keep our staff safe and our customer safe. These are trying times," Settha says.

Settha says the market price for a machine like that could be as much as $20,000. The Natisri's decided to save money and make their own model for $700.

They use the UVC light as an extra layer of safety to combat the COVID-19 virus.

"The wave length is 254 nano-meters," Settha says.

While some people feel hopeless during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Natisri's look at the pandemic as a challenge to achieve a higher standard of safety for their restaurant.

"It's a trying time, but that's when you can grow the most" Settha says. "You can adapt and know your limit. You can know how much you can go and how far you can go."

They says having a safe and clean environment is the least they can do for their customers who have supported them during this pandemic.

"As a member of this great community, we should do whatever we can to help out because we are all we got," Settha says. "Anything we can do to help our customers and our staff, we will do it."

The machine is not dangerous to humans, but it's dangerous to people's eyesight, so they use it at the end of the day. They plan to donate it to a hospital or school once the pandemic is over.


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