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July 4th, Thai's D effort to helping out the flood victims

MARION (WSIL) — Over the past few weeks, the family who runs Thai D in Marion has served more than food. They’ve provided community service, helping those dealing with flooding in Alexander County.

"When you’re really seeing it, you get out to the water and see all the homes that are about to be flooded, you could see this really means a lot to those people there," co-owner Thanet Natisri said.

Flooding is nothing new to Natisri. He works as an engineer for a company that helps communities in Asia deal with water issues. "I don’t have a lot of my engineering team here, but I have my restaurant, so this is why I tried to use my restaurant to do the best we could to help them out the best we can," Natisri said.

Thai D employees have been making trips to McClure and East Cape the last couple weeks, donating food to people impacted by the flooding and helping them sandbag homes. A company he works with, KGEO, is also doing analysis of the area using aerial photos to draft a plan to deal with floods in the future. Natisri said he feels it’s his duty to help out those in need.

"Being a part of the local businesses means you’re part of the community," Natisri said. "When things like this happen or in times of need, we have to do something to help them out. If we don’t do this, who would?" Natisri said he plans to make a couple trips each week to McClure and East Cape until the flooding ends.

Thai D is also donating 10 percent of its sales to help relief efforts.

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